Maven Introduction – Part 4: Maven Build LifeCycle

Maven build lifeCycle is the central concept of Maven. The sequence of phases which define the order of building and distributing artifact/project is defined with a build lifeCycle.

There are three standard lifeCycles: default, clean and site.
default handles project deployment.
clean handles project cleaning.
site handles the creation of project’s site documentation.

This tutorial will introduce these Maven build lifeCycles, relation between concepts of phases and plugin goals.

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Maven Introduction – Part 3: Maven Dependency Mechanism

Dependency Management is a key feature of Maven. Maven Dependencies are identified by individual artifacts such as libraries or modules. It is not too difficult to manage dependencies for just a single project but, with multi-module projects, there are many things unclear.

This tutorial introduces the Maven Dependency Mechanism by which Maven helps us control them.

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Maven Introduction – Part 1

Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool, an open source project by the Apache community. It can also model a standard structure for Java projects. With Project Object Model (POM) approach, Maven provides a uniform and radical way of understanding and building Java project, reporting and documentation with all its dependencies.

This tutorial will go through quite a few Maven concepts with Eclipse IDE so that we can have a better understanding about its standards.

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