Spring Security – JDBC Authentication – SpringBoot + MySQL + Bootstrap

In the tutorial, JavaSampleApproach will show you how to create a Spring Security JDBC Authentication with SpringBoot + MySQL + Bootstrap.

I. Technologies

– Apache Maven 3.5.2
– Spring Tool Suite – Version 3.9.0.RELEASE
– Spring Boot – 1.5.10.RELEASE
– Bootstrap

II. Goal

We create a Spring MVC Web Application as below:

SpringSecurityJDBCAuthenticationMySQL - project structure

With 5 urls:

– ‘/’: access with everyone.


– ‘/user’: must authenticate and be accessed with user ROLE {USER, ADMIN}


– ‘/admin’: accessed by user with role Admin


– ‘/login’: login page


– ‘/403’: HTTP Error 403 Forbidden


We create 2 MySQL tables for 2 users (username/password):
– jack/jack has 2 roles {USER, ADMIN}
– peter/peter has 1 role USER


-> jack/jack can access both pages {user.html, admin.html}. While peter/peter just accesses 1 page user.html.

III. Implementation

Step to do
– Create Spring Boot project
– Create Controller
– Create View Pages
– Configure Database
– Configure WebSecurity

1. Create Spring Boot project

Use SpringToolSuite to create a SpringBoot project with below dependencies:

2. Create Controller

3. Create View Pages





4. Configure Database

Open application.properties, configure database properties:

Create user table with 3 columns:

Create user_roles table:

Insert data to 2 tables:

5. Configure WebSecurity

Create a SecurityConfig class that extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter.
Then override method onfigAuthentication(AuthenticationManagerBuilder auth) to setup SQL queries for users & roles. And override configure(HttpSecurity http) to customize http requests.

IV. SourceCode


By JavaSampleApproach | February 10, 2017.

Last updated on February 18, 2018.

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4 thoughts on “Spring Security – JDBC Authentication – SpringBoot + MySQL + Bootstrap”

  1. Hi,
    my output after trial this tutorial always give the result below:

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: There is no PasswordEncoder mapped for the id “null”
    at org.springframework.security.crypto.password.DelegatingPasswordEncoder$Unmapped

    may you can explain what configure should be to fix this?

    thank you

    1. adding .passwordEncoder(new BCryptPasswordEncoder()); at the end of auth maybe help you,
      .usersByUsernameQuery(“select username,password, enabled from users where username=?”)
      .authoritiesByUsernameQuery(“select username, role from user_roles where username=?”). .passwordEncoder(new BCryptPasswordEncoder());

  2. what should i do?
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: There is no PasswordEncoder mapped for the id “null”

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